Dawn + Josh | Colorado Wedding Photos | Colorado Wedding Photographer

Dawn and Josh tied the knot with a gorgeous, rustic, mountain wedding in Pine, Colorado. This wedding is particularly close to my heart, because these two are family. I remember Dawn coming with my sisters, mom and I years ago on a road trip down the East coast and introducing us to both her unusually loud snoring (for such a small person) and her taste for Nirvana. Living so far apart, we didn’t get to see her often, but Dawn has always been a wonderful addition to and a natural part of our family. When I met Josh for the first time this past year, I immediately loved him. I loved the way they looked at each other, the way they both cared for Josh’s son Dylan and how they seemed to really work together as a family. Then, I got to witness their excitement as the wedding drew nearer and they professed their love and affection for each other more and more, for all of us friends and family to see via Facebook. Every day it felt like I would see a status update from Dawn acknowledging how blessed she felt to have Josh by her side. So, you can see how it was an absolute treat to document their wedding day. And, I could not have asked for a more beautiful setting to shoot in. With mountains surrounding us and breathtaking weather, the photos just kept flowing, kind of like the beer at Golden City Brewery in Golden, Co., where we stopped for a pre-wedding toast with the wedding party. The folks from Lower Lake Ranch and Fiori di Flavio were great to work with and I look forward to getting back to Colorado as soon as I can. Dawn and Josh, I hope every day is as full of joy as this day was! Much love to you both!

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