Jill Marie+Todd: married!

Jill Marie and Todd were married this September at St. Joseph’s on Capitol Hill. The story of how they met there, of how Todd noticed her while ushering and mustered up the courage to talk to her after mass, and of how he eventually proposed in the very same spot, really inspired me. The Catholic mass was quite the emotional experience (bringing back my childhood memories of growing up in the Catholic church) and reached its peak when Jill Marie and Todd washed each other’s feet in a symbolic act of devotion and humility. I have to admit to tearing up during this particular part of the ceremony, at the sight of Jill Marie – dress spilling over the steps leading up to the altar – lovingly caring for Todd and vice versa. After the kiss sealed the deal, we headed out to the National Mall for fun photos with the bridal party amid DC’s beautiful monuments. Jill Marie and Todd were instant stars as curious tourists snapped away. Then we were off again to the gorgeous St. Francis Hall in northeast Washington DC where Catering by Uptown awaited us. Can I just say that the portico at the adjacent Franciscan monastery + golden light + newly married Jill Marie and Todd equaled out to my very favorite part of the day. I just love that tiny bit of quiet time when I get to let the couple absorb their new union before the craziness of the party to come, while I sneak photos of them. Later, the dancing didn’t disappoint, with Jill Marie, Todd and their guests showing off their fancy moves, tango, jig and all. Thank you to Jill Marie and Todd for the privilege of documenting your day, you were a joy to work with and I wish you all the best!

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