Jeff+Cristin: burying the bourbon!

According to Southern tradition, if you bury a full bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and groom are to be married, then it won’t rain on their wedding day. So, Jeff and Cristin set out, shovel in hand, to bury a bottle of Jefferson Reserve on the grounds of Tuckahoe Plantation to keep the rain gods at bay for their September wedding. As a side note, Jeff and Cristin have a Thomas Jefferson thread going through their wedding, from the bourbon to the ceremony site (Tuckahoe Plantation was Thomas Jefferson’s boyhood home), to their mini honeymoon at Monticello. Anyway, Jeff dug a hole and he and Cristin buried the bourbon. Their gorgeous wedding happened this past Saturday and I have to say that between the earthquake, the hurricane, the tropical storm and the flooding…I was a little nervous that burying a bottle of bourbon might not cut it against the wrath of mother nature. However, she must really love Jefferson Reserve, because Saturday was a breathtaking end of summer day without a single drop of rain. I can’t wait to share  photos from their wedding, but for now: bottoms up!

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