Meshayla+Cherod: engaged!

When Meshayla and Cherod told me they wanted to do their engagement session at the Byrd Theatre, I have to admit I was excited. I’ve shot in Carytown and outside the Byrd, I’ve even shot from the roof of the Byrd, but I had yet to have the opportunity to use the ornate and truly vintage Richmond that is the interior of this unique little movie theatre. Built in 1928, it is an unmistakable Richmond landmark and I have crammed my legs into its seats many times to catch second-run movies and let the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ take me back to a different time. Meshayla and Cherod glammed it up for me and dressed the part (don’t you love the sweater vest and bow tie!) and we had a lot of fun. Many thanks also to Nica from Once in a Lifetime Events for all her help. After the Byrd, we braved some very ominous rain clouds and found the perfect Carytown brick wall to go with their coordinated outfits. I can’t wait for their July 2012 wedding and, in the meantime, hope you enjoy these favorites of mine from our shoot!

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