Ettamae’s Cafe

I recently shot photos for the Richmond Times-Dispatch restaurant review of Ettamae’s Cafe, located in Richmond’s historic Jackson Ward neighborhood. I’ll admit that I haven’t sampled the food yet, even though I’ve been reading about this cafe from rva foodie tweeters for a while now. However, from the pineapple almond stuffed french toast (yum!) to the Canadian tea biscuits (oh, and a big hunk of corned beef just waiting to be turned into sandwiches) it looked scrumptious. The Morand siblings own this adorable new eatery and named it after their grandma Ettamae. Photos of Ettamae, and one of their other grandma just to keep the peace, adorn the walls along with Ettamae’s china. Pretty pink walls, beautiful light streaming in from big windows and lots of DIY details of flower vases and salt and pepper shakers add to the coziness and charm. Following are some of the photos from the shoot: enjoy! Also, you can find Dana’s rtd review here and my audio slideshow here.

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