Sprout Market & Cafe is an adorable new addition to the Richmond restaurant scene, filled to the brim with DIY details.  Wine and beer lists are applied to the inside of small book covers and dinner menus to old record covers. The lunch menu, which changes daily, is written on a blackboard in the small market in the front of the restaurant. Sprout’s two owners, Jamie and Laurie Lay are friendly and approachable and great to talk to about all of the eco-friendly ways they are running their business. They can pretty much name which Virginia farm or grower each and every ingredient on their menu comes from. Added to their super-local approach, is a desire to be as green as possible. According to Laurie, the chefs at Sprout try to use every part of the ingredient, to the point of grinding chicken bones up for compost or using the leftover vegetable oil to power their diesel truck.  If you’re perusing Sprout’s market you will find produce as well as the work of local artists. Sprout also moonlights as a gallery, showcasing a different local artist every month in connection to Richmond’s First Fridays Art Walk. Check out the RTD slideshow to hear Jamie and Laurie talk about Sprout and read Dana’s review. Below are the photos: enjoy!

Photos by Eva Russo

All photos @ Richmond Times-Dispatch

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