Carrie+Jami: married!

As I spent the day documenting Carrie and Jami’s wedding, I felt so privileged to be a part of it. Everywhere I pointed my camera, I was reminded of what love looks like. I saw couples of all ages and at very different stages in their lives together, some still dating, some married 15 years or more, holding hands at dinner, dancing closely and embracing as they watched Carrie and Jami. The whole day was truly a celebration of love and of this beautiful couple, an intimate gathering of family and friends who came together to see them tie the knot. With the ceremony and reception both taking place at the gorgeous Tabard Inn in downtown Washington DC, the vibe was relaxed throughout the day, with a slightly heightened level of nervousness as Carrie and Jami made final touch-ups and prepared to walk down the aisle. After the ceremony and dinner, Jami lead the crowd to the dance floor and busted out some pretty fancy dance moves, including “the librarian”, a first for me. A few vicious games of banagrams followed and I quickly learned never to play that game with the Ansell sisters! As is the  case with a lot of my couples, I was a little sad when the day was over and I hope to stay in touch and witness their love grow and strengthen throughout the years. Thank you to Carrie and Jami for allowing me to witness your day and all that it encompassed and I hope you enjoy the photos!




One thought on “Carrie+Jami: married!

  1. Thank you , thank you. You’ve done it again–captured the joy and love of a very special day with touching sensitivity. I love the photos!

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