Oneida+Jonathan: married!

When I got a call from Oneida saying that she and Jonathan had decided to move the wedding up 4 months, cut the size of it drastically and change locations, all so that they could afford to take a dream honeymoon to Rome, I was all for it. Thanks to my bias for Italy, where I happened to grow up, I was in and ready to help make it happen for them any way I could. In the end, their wedding was perfect. It was an intimate family affair, filled with love for this beautiful couple. Oneida and Jonathan beamed the entire day, starting when Oneida broke the news at Envy Salon that they are also expecting their first baby! Between getting ready at Richmond’s Jefferson Hotel, the reception at The Boathouse and colorful touches like the flowers by Flower Girls, I had my pick of gorgeous photos to shoot. Oneida and Jonathan’s family and friends were naturals in front of the camera with just the right mix of playfulness and emotion. In between blowing bubbles and writing notes for Oneida and Jonathan to read every year on their anniversary, Oneida’s father played beautiful guitar music for his daughter and new son-in-law and Jonathan’s father gave a moving toast to the happy couple. I feel privileged to have documented this wedding between 2 people who so obviously adore each other. I wish both of them and their growing family much continued joy and love! 


One thought on “Oneida+Jonathan: married!

  1. Eva,

    Your pictures are beautiful!!! I LOVE the cake cutting detail….great eye. Your couples are lucky to have you document their wedding days!
    I hope all is well with you.


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