Erin + Bobby: engaged!

I loved loved loved working with Erin and Bobby on this shoot. We spent a beautiful pre-Spring afternoon in Shockoe Bottom, hit Main Street Station, Globehopper Coffehouse and Lounge, the flood wall and a few murals in between. As I was editing the images (which I usually start to do about 30 minutes after my shoot if  I’m excited, as I was here), different people peeked over my shoulder and every one of them commented on what a beautiful couple Erin and Bobby make. They look at each other with such affection and you can tell they just love being in each other’s presence. They were also totally willing to play with me, even when it came to Bobby balancing on a rather small ledge while he carried his bride-to-be over a pretend threshold!  We also lucked out and found a mural of a row of gondolas with Venice’s skyline in the background. As it turns out Venice is the first stop on Erin and Bobby’s honeymoon cruise!

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