Empire State of Mind

I spent last weekend in NYC, one of my very favorite places to visit.  This visit was a little different than most since I was there for my little sister’s surgery, which was supposed to take place Friday. However, when the surgery was moved from Friday to Monday, we got an extra two days to be holiday tourists in the Big Apple. When out in Brooklyn for lunch on Saturday I started seeing santas EVERYWHERE and I knew a picture would have to be made. I ended up dragging my very patient father and two sisters on a bit of a wild goose chase through the subways as we attempted to follow anyone dressed up in a santa costume to what I imagined was a huge gathering of wannabe jolly old men in red hats. Well, I never did make it to the gathering (which was being communicated via twitter to anyone participating in SantaCon NYC), but I did follow my santas to Manhattan and got a few images I liked before realizing my 11-year-old sister was way more interested in the American Girl Doll museum/store than chasing santa. And my santas were very jolly, they even made a few New Yorkers (or wannabe New Yorkers…) look up bewildered, smile and sing Christmas carols while waiting for their train. I thought that was pretty impressive and it totally made me want to get my santa suit ready for next year. Anyway, enjoy and Happy Holidays!

pre-American Girl doll store we also made it to Rockefeller Center and Times Square

All photos @ Eva Russo

2 thoughts on “Empire State of Mind

  1. If I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit before, I am now. Leave it to New Yorkers to spread the cheer! Thanks for sharing.

  2. hey eva,
    i’m showing my class what you brouht back from africa and i want to show them your UUganda pictures, but i can’t find them!!
    call me tonight and tell me so that i can show them tomarrow
    love you,

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