Beau: boy oh boy!

As his mom says, Beau is ALL BOY. Eighteen months old and fearless, Beau is a joy to photograph. He is in constant motion, up and down those stairs (with mom’s help of course), and has endless energy! This was such a fun shoot and I’m glad I got a chance to photograph Beau solo because soon he’ll have a little sister or brother to share the spotlight with!











All photos @ Eva Russo

2 thoughts on “Beau: boy oh boy!

  1. I love them all but the one holding hands touches my heart and makes me remember when my boys were young I love my little Beau.

  2. hey flash,
    i am here with olivia and we are looking at your pictures
    i love them soooo much
    i love to look at this little boy
    you should get some pictures of ryan too
    talk to you soon
    have fun at the bridal show
    love yah,
    sofia xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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